Wedding Hairstyles

9 Apr

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about how you would like to wear your hair on your wedding day.  If you plan on having a professional hairstylist or a friend do your hair, you should try to narrow it down to a couple different styles.

Set up a trial with this person so that you can test out the different styles, and so that the stylist can get used to working with your hair.  If you have curly or extremely fine hair, the stylist will need to prepare by having the right products and pins etc to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Plan on bringing a veil even if it isn’t the veil you will be wearing on your wedding day.  This gives you the opportunity to see the different options you have with your veil and see what feels the most comfortable and secure.

If you are considering using hair extensions, the trial would be a good chance for the stylist to determine the length and how many extensions they will need to complete your look.  Sally’s Beauty Supply has an affordable selection of hair extensions of many different colors.

When considering if you should wear your hair up or down, make sure to think about the time of year if you are going to be outside.  If its the middle of August and its hot outside, you might not to have your hair down because you may get overheated. If its fall weather and there is a possibilty of wind you may want to have your hair secured in an up-do to avoid your hair being in your face for your wedding photos. 

You can add accessories like hair pins, clips, feathers or rhinestones to add a little drama to your ensemble, it’s your day afterall!

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