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Game Time!

10 Apr

While there are 100’s of Bridal Shower games out there, we have selected a few that should not only break the ice at the party but really entertain!

What’s In the Bag
Before hand, have the host of the bridal shower make up a list of items that any women would have in her purse. Such as lip stick, cell phone, pens, pictures of family, etc. Assign each item a point value. The person with the most points wins the game. For larger parties, break everyone up into groups, and the group with the most points wins the game.

Hanging Out to Dry
Each visitor is given a clothespin upon arrival to shower. They are told of two
words they can not mention (i.e. “wedding”, and the groom’s name). If
they do, they lose their clothespin(s) to the one who caught them mentioning
the forbidden words. The one who has the most clothespins at the end of the
day, wins the prize!

How Well Do You Know The Bride and Groom?
Ask the bride and groom 20 or so facts about them before the shower.  Print the questions out on a sheet of paper and pass them out to the guests. The guests will have to read the questions and facts and determine if they are about the bride or the groom.  Example “they graduated highschool in 1995” “the bride or the groom has had 4 speeding tickets” “the bride or the groom is allergic to cats” etc. Make the facts funny but also facts that friends and family would know about them, chances are even the parents will get some of them wrong.  Who ever guesses the most right wins.

Bridal Bingo
Make “Bingo Cards” with 25 empty spaces (5 across, 5 down).  Have the guests write in the gifts that they think the bride-to-be will receive. As she opens her presents, mark off any of the presents written down.  Or instead you can use household items that the guests think the bride will need.  As soon as someone has “5 in a row,” shout “BINGO!

Scrambled Words
Make a list of several words associated with weddings (i.e. marriage, husband, wife,
bridesmaid, groom, bride, honeymoon) and then scramble them. Give the guests
2-3 minutes to try to figure them out. The guest that figures out the most
correctly win the prize.

The Apron Game
Buy an apron and have the bridal party buy lots of utensils to pin on the apron. Make
them practical and a couple of things they would never think of buying until
they need them. Pin all of the items on the apron. Have the bride wear the
apron in front of all of the guests. Have her walk around the room for about 2 minutes.
Then have the bride go into another room and have the guests try to list as
many things as they can remember seeing pinned to the brides apron. The person
with the most wins! Then tell the bride she gets to keep the apron!!

Make the Bouquet
Take paper plates and simple things like tissue paper-toilet paper-construction
paper – anything that you can “simply” decorate with and tell the
guest to make her bouquet for her wedding by sticking everthing on the plate
together (which is usually a mess). They only have one minute to complete their
masterpieces. It’s funny.
Then, have the bouquets “judged” and the one that wins is thrown by
the bride, and the one that catches it is the “next one to be
married” and wins the prize. It is a lot of fun to see what people can
create in one minute.

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